A specialized platform for institutional investors to access a selection of fund managers rigorously screened for relevance to peer-identified criteria.

Technology-enabled sourcing for institutional investors

Data-science based technology helps identify relevant opportunities through self-initiated steps that fit the highly selective needs of investors. Opportunities are rigorously screened for relevance based on peer-identified criteria. Investors on Discovery stay anonymous until such a point that they agree to disclose their identity.

Comprehensive global membership

The peer-driven insights that power Discovery are sourced from an active global membership of over 2,000 institutional allocators and over 150 single and multi family offices. Institutional Investor’s peer-to-peer network memberships are complimentary to qualified investors.

Incremental distribution for fund managers and third party marketers

Discovery helps managers and TPMs access relevant, qualified investors who have self-identified as interested in a particular product or strategy.