"Over the last couple of years, Zanbato has gone from being a promising startup to one of the most trusted and prominent places for top funds, executives, and institutions to safely and fairly transact in private markets. I'm really excited by the momentum and proud to get to work with Nico and his team."
Founder & Chairman

Joe Lonsdale

Founder & CEO

Nico Sand

Bill Malloy Zanbato Venture Capital

Bill Malloy III

Managing Director, ZX

David Dunford

"Private markets are in ascendancy. How can we bring the efficiencies of public markets -- such as electronic trading venues -- to private markets? Those are the most interesting questions today in corporate finance."
President & Head of Banking

Greg Wright

Chief Compliance Officer

Maria Minguez

Director of Product

Brandon Kwock

Product Designer

Kevin Chang

"Zanbato has a strong engineering culture that strives to employ Silicon Valley innovation to address some of the biggest problems finance professionals face today. Our team executes best when we work cross-functionally. Engineers, designers, and financiers regularly join forces to get the best ideas from different perspectives."
Founder & VP of Engineering

Kevin Leung

UX Designer

Alex Lee

Lead Security Architect

Chris Woytowitz

Software Engineer

Scott Kwang

Software Engineer

Maurice Royce

Software Engineer

Alisa Zhou

Head of Europe

Chris Fenichell

"Working here at Zanbato has given me the opportunity to make a major impact on the codebase working on meaningful parts of the product to solve unique problems. I get to collaborate with some great software developers that are not only knowledgeable, but also are fun to be around and make going to work something I look forward to."
Software Engineer

James Loewen

Managing Director & Trader, ZX

Jack Monopoli

Head of ZFIN

Todd Coffin

Vice President, ZFIN

John Burns

"From my work at leading legal and banking firms, I took away an understanding of public market processes and tools that drive efficiency, which I see as the direction of evolution for private markets. From my work as an entrepreneur, I experienced the excitement of being part of the movement from the status quo to how private markets can and should work. At Zanbato, we’re bringing public market tools to private markets, a glimpse into the future of finance."
COO & General Counsel

Angie Zorotheos

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Rebecca DesPrez